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          Portable Electric Salamanders

          The Portable Electric Salamander are the perfect odorless, flameless, electric alternative to
          propane and kerosene space heaters. Safety yellow heater encloses with safety screens on both
          air intake and output openings. The unit includes long-life finned tubular heating elements,
          thermostat adjustment, and a fan only operating feature. Includes access panel for direct wiring
          connections. Wheels and handle for easy portability over all surface types. Units are ETL C/US           FACILITY MAINTENANCE
          listed. Indoor use only.

               MODEL                            KW       VOLTS     TEMP     WEIGHT
              NUMBER          DESCRIPTION       AMPS     PHASE      RISE   (POUND)
           PES-1520-3      PORTABLE HEATER     15/42     208/3      45       65
           PES-1524-1      PORTABLE HEATER     15/63     240/1      45       69
           PES-1524-3      PORTABLE HEATER     15/36     240/3      45       69
           PES-1548-3      PORTABLE HEATER     15/18     480/3      45       65
           PES-3048-3      PORTABLE HEATER     30/36     480/3      90       83
           PES-1024-1*     PORTABLE HEATER     10/42     240/1      30       63
              NUMBER            CABLE TYPE                  USE WITH MODEL
           PES-43-SO       4/3 SO, POWER CORD                PES-1524-1
           PES-64-SO       6/4 SO, POWER CORD       PES-1520-3, PES-1524-3, PES-3048-3
           PES-124-SO      12/4 SO, POWER CORD               PES-1548-3                             model PES-1520-3

          Portable Electric Infrared Heaters      3-PHASE STANDARD
          Provide instant, odor-free heat for indoor and semi-protected outdoor workstations and warehouse
          areas.  Economical electric infrared heat warms only persons and objects, not the air volume. Durable
          heavy-duty flat panel emitter heating elements are designed for a variety of applications using no glass
          materials. All models have gold anodized aluminum reflectors, terminal box, protective wire screens,
          and reinforced front edge and corner construction. Heaters can be adjusted on the hand cart to operate
          in a horizontal or vertical position for maximizing the infrared heating pattern. Carts consist of a
          rugged steel design and are equipped with 6" rubber wheels and twin hand grips. Heaters are factory
          wired for three phase, but can be converted to single phase for most units.
               MODEL                                                       WEIGHT
              NUMBER       WATTS     BTU's     VOLTS     PHASE    AMPS     (POUND)
           VFSP-4324-3     4300      14,672     240       3       10.36      41
           VFSP-4348-3     4300      14,672     480       3       5.18       41      model VFSP-4324-3  model VFSP-9548-3
           VFSP-9524-3     9500      32,415     240       3       22.89      58
           VFSP-9548-3     9500      32,415     480       3       11.44      58

          Portable Infrared Heaters      220V 1-PHASE STANDARD
          Radiant heat can be adjusted in distance and height.  Adjustable brightness for various applications.
          Requires 220V single phase power supply @ 15 amps.  Portable with four swivel casters (two with
          brakes).  Timer is included for auto-shut off.  Indoor use only.
             NUMBER   POWER OUTPUT  ELEMENTS  SIZE (W x D x H)  SIZE (W x D x H)  (POUND)
           HEAT-S       2400 W        3      27" x 6" x 30"  23½" x 4¼" x 7¾"  105
           HEAT-S1      2000 W        4      39" x 6" x 18"  17¾" x 4¼" x 7¾"  115
           HEAT-S2      3000 W        6      39" x 6" x 30"  17¾" x 4¼" x 7¾"  135

          Portable Quartz Infrared Spot Heater         115V 1-PHASE STANDARD
          Portable heater adjusts from 2' to 6' in height. Wire guard is included, as well as a 15' cord set
          with plug (3 wire). Unit comes standard with four 2½" casters. Meets OSHA standards and is
          ETL C/US listed.  Indoor use only.
                                                                                      model VCH-48-P
              MODEL                                                        WEIGHT
              NUMBER      WATTS        BTU's        VOLTS       PHASE      (POUND)
           VCH-48-P        1500        5,120        115           1         30
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