WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Wall Mounted Cylinder Brackets

model CB-W-3S

Simple design is easy to install.  Simply bolt to wall and then secure cylinder with strap.  Edges are protected with rubber guards on the steel units.  Choose either steel or molded plastic construction.  Maximum 12" cylinder diameter.  Installation hardware is not included.

model CB-W-S

model CB-W-2S

model CB-W-P

model CB-W-2P
Wall Mounted Cylinder Brackets
Model PDF Material Accommodates
CB-W-S Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery Steel 1 2
CB-W-2S Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery Steel 2 7
CB-W-3S Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery Steel 3 10
CB-W-P Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery Plastic 1 1
CB-W-2P Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery Plastic 2 2

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Wall Mounted Cylinder Holder

model CYL-W

The Wall Mounted Cylinder Holder is great for any industrial environment.  The cylinder holder keeps cylinders in a defined area for both safety and convenience.  The unit is standard with removable straps for securing tanks in place, as well as pre-drilled holes for quick wall mounting and a yellow painted finish for clear visibility.

Wall Mounted Cylinder Holder
Model PDF Overall Size
CYL-W Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery 24-1/4"x15-13/16"x66-3/8" 500 lbs. 219

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Cylinder Bracket Stands

model CB-ST-6

Our Cylinder Bracket Stands allow for storage of cylinders in the vertical position.  The straps are included for securing the cylinders to the stand. Stands have pre-drilled mounting holes for attachment to the floor (floor mounting hardware is not included).  Stands are powder-coated blue and steel brackets feature a gray painted finish. Assembly hardware included.

model CB-ST-4

model CB-S-2S
Wall Mounted Cylinder Holder
Model PDF Overall Size
CB-S-2S Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery 27-3/32"x10-19/32"x30-7/8" 2 35
CB-ST-4 Photo Gallery 35-1/2"x20-3/4"x36-1/2" 4 58
CB-ST-6 Photo Gallery 47-1/2"x20-3/4"x36-1/2" 6 68
AS-125 Anchor Bolts For Concrete (1) 1/2"x5" 1
AS-125-4PK Anchor Bolts For Concrete (4) 1/2"x5" 2

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