Trash Can Dumper

Minimize lifting and dumping heavy trash cans with the rugged all steel Trash Can Dumper. One person can easily and safely empty trash cans weighing up to 300 lbs. into dumpsters. The automatic container clamp captures the trash can container. Hand crank or 115V, 1 Phase push button actuation rotates containers to 135 angle (60" dump height) above dumpster. Each unit comes with four casters for easy maneuverability and heavy duty mesh sides for safety. One 95 gal trash container comes standard with each unit. Approval Drawing required.


  • Minimize Lifting
  • Hand Crank or Electric Push Button
  • Dumping Height is 60"
  • Dump Angle of 135
  • Clean and Safe
  • All Steel Rugged Construction
  • Portable - Rolls to Multiple Locations
  • Features Quick & Safe Automatic Container Clamp
  • Ideal in Schools, Factories, Hospitals & Shopping Centers

model 95-GLT-BLU

model 95-GLT-GY

model 95-GLT-GY

Trash Can Dumpers
Model Operation Operation Capacity (lbs.) Overall (WxLxH) Net Weight (lbs.)
T-DUMP-E 115V Push Button Operated Winch 300 42" x 58"x 79.4375" 651
T-DUMP-HC Hand Operated Winch with Safety Brake 300 42" x 58"x 79.4375" 1150
  Trash Containers  
Model Volume
Color Overall Size (WxDxH) Net Weight (lbs)
TH-95-GRN    95    Green 26.25" x 26.375"x 46.375" 96
TH-95-GY            95            Grey 26.25" x 26.375" x 46.375" 96


Blue 26.25" x 26.375" x 46.375" 96

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Latching Gate  with Auto-shutoff when door is opened, for Safe Dumping

Easy RAISE & LOWER buttons

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