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No more lugging heavy trash cans around instead transport them with a Trash Can Cart.  Transport up to three trash cans at a time.  Each unit is secured in place with a heavy duty chain and chain retainer. T he push handle is located at an optimum ergonomic height of 40-11/16".  Tow bar on one end for towing with a golf cart or similar service vehicle and a pitch hitch on the other end to attach multiple units together for towing.  Rolls smoothly on four 8" x 2 (2) rigid, (2) swivel wheels, with brake.  Trash Cans sold separately, see here.

Trash Can Cart
Model PDF's Overall Size
Capacity (lbs.)
TH-CART-64 Compliance Certificate 27-13/32"x98-3/32"x40-11/16" 400 249
TH-CART-95 Compliance Certificate 27-13/32"x111-3/8"x40-11/16" 600 283

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