model JMD-1000-48

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Multipurpose Tote Dumpers

Collect, transport, and dump materials while saving time and reducing work related injuries. Ideal for schools, hospitals, commercial, and industrial applications. One person can easily and safely empty loads weighing up to 600 pounds. To use, roll the tote into dumper, secure tote in place, and depress the 24V hand control. The tote will rotate over 135 to dump contents. Dump time is approximately 25 seconds. Standard features: Two (2) 8" x 2" glass filled nylon front wheels, Two (2) 8" x 3" phenolic rear casters, floor lock, one (1) 12V DC power, hand pendant control on 8 foot coil cord and one (1) MPT-1 polyethylene tote. To operate under full capacity purchase model MPT-2.

Multipurpose Tote Dumpers
Model PDF's Dump Height Rotated Height Capacity (lbs) Overall (WxL) Weight
JMD-1000-48 Warranty PDF 48" 105-3/4" 600 57-1/4"x65-1/8" 1061
JMD-1000-60 Warranty PDF 60" 117-3/4" 600 57-1/4"x65-1/8" 1075
JMD-1000-72 Warranty PDF 72" 129-3/4" 600 57-1/4"x65-1/8" 1099

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Multipurpose Totes

tote.gif (14696 bytes)
model MPT-1
tote.gif (14696 bytes)
model MPT-2

Multipurpose Totes
Model PDF Description Capacity (lbs) Overall Dimension Weight (lbs)
MPT-1 Warranty PDF ADDITIONAL CUBIC YARD POLYETHYLENE TOTE (Each tote includes four (4) 6 x 2 mold-on-rubber swivel casters) 200 52-3/4"W x 30-13/16"D x 41-15/16"H 128
MPT-2 Warranty PDF

CUBIC YARD POLYETHYLENE TOTE (Each tote includes four (4) 6 x 2 mold-on-rubber swivel casters)

600 52"W x 30-13/16"D x 42-7/16"H 200

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JMD Series Owners Manual

Hand Pendant Control

Typical Applications:

Laundry Service
Waste Removal
Food Service
Waste Compacting
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