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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Plastic Bulk Shelving & Storage





Largest all-purpose industrial-grade plastic shelving system in the industry. Our unique leg stacker system lets you choose whether to build up, out our both. Our rigid high-density polyethylene panels are a stout 2-5/8" thick with a grid top that allows liquids to flow through, promotes air circulation and prevents dust build up. Optional drip trays available for containment applications, contact factory. The entire system is chemically resistant, making it an ideal choice for HAZMAT storage or any other applications, corrosive or not.

Optional Drip Tray (model PBSS-BKTRY shown)

Max Trays Per Shelf System (24" Deep)
Shelving Dimensions
# of Trays
Per Shelf
Per Tray
36"x24"x51" 3 2.5 Gal.
66"x24"x51" 6 2.5 Gal.
96"x24"x51" 9 2.5 Gal
36"x24"x75" 4 2.5 Gal
66"x24"x75" 8 2.5 Gal
96"x24"x72" 12 2.5 Gal

Plastic Bulk Shelving & Storage

Model # Of
Shelf Size
PBSS-3616-3 3 36"x16" 51" 500 35
PBSS-3624-3 3 36"x24" 51" 750 41
PBSS-6624-3 3 66"x24" 51" 1,390 64
PBSS-9624-3 3 96"x24" 51" 2,025 102
PBSS-3616-4 4 36"x16" 75" 675 48
PBSS-3624-4 4 36"x24" 75" 1,000 56
PBSS-6624-4 4 66"x24" 75" 1,850 88
PBSS-9624-4 4 96"x24" 75" 2,700 139

Optional  Plastic Shelf Containment Trays

Model Color Description Wt.
PBSS-BKTRY Black General Storage 5
PBSS-RDTRY Red Flammables 5
PBSS-BLTRY Blue Health Hazards/Toxics 5
PBSS-YLTRY Yellow Reactives/Oxidizers 5
PBSS-WTTRY White Contact Hazards 5

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Plastic Work Bench




Easy up, easy down and two easy ways to change them around! Our Work-Bench™ can be set up in minutes to create an instant temporary or permanent island of productivity within any warehouse manufacturing floor or office environment. Pick from four sizes to fit virtually any need. Our original grid-top is ideal when work produces small scrap that can clutter work surfaces. Choose our solid surfaces top panel option for tough jobs that requires a clean, flat work surface.

Plastic Work Bench

Model Description Overall Size
WBT-S-3624 Solid Top/Solid Lower 36"x24"x36" 580 31
WBT-S-4824 Solid Top/Solid Lower 48"x24"x36" 785 41
WBT-S-6624 Solid Top/Solid Lower 66"x24"x36" 1,070 53
WBT-S-9624 Solid Top/Solid Lower 96"x24"x36" 1,555 74
WBT-G-3624 Grid Top/Grid Lower 36"x24"x36" 500 29
WBT-G-4824 Grid Top/Grid Lower 48"x24"x36" 688 39
WBT-G-6624 Grid Top/Grid Lower 66"x24"x36" 925 48
WBT-G-9624 Grid Top/Grid Lower 96"x24"x36" 1,350 66

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