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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Rack Guard with Rubber Bumper Insert

Protect pallet racking with durable wrap around protection. Fits pallet rack measuring 3" wide by 33⁄4" deep. Increase pallet rack column strength on impact by over 100%. Includes rubber bumper insert, 1/2" thick, and hardware. Easy to install with wrench or socket. No concrete drilling required. Steel construction. Powder coat safety yellow finish.



Rack Guard with Rubber Bumper Insert

Model Material Usable Opening (WxD) Overall Height Net Weight (lbs)
RUD-24 Steel 3"x3-3/4" 24" 19

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Low Profile Rack Guards


Protect pallet racking and wall corners against damage from fork trucks, pallet trucks and carts with Low Profile Rack Guards. All components are laser cut. Quick and easy two-hole installation. Installs in half the time of other guards with two bolt holes. Baked-in powder coated toughness. Steel construction. Mounting kit sold separately.

Low Profile Rack Guards

Model PDF Overall Height Usable Opening (WxD) Overall Base (WxD) Net Weight (lbs)
NPG4-12 11-7/8" 4-1/4"x1" 8"x3" 5
NPG4-18 17-7/8" 4-1/4"x1" 8"x3" 7
NPG4-24 23-7/8" 4-1/4"x1" 8"x3" 9
NPG4-36 35-7/8" 4-1/4"x1" 8"x3" 15
NPG6-12 11-7/8" 6-1/2"x1" 10"x3" 7
NPG6-18 17-7/8" 6-1/2"x1" 10"x3" 8
NPG6-24 23-7/8" 6-1/2"x1" 10"x3" 11
NPG6-36 35-7/8" 6-1/2"x1" 10"x3" 16
AS-125   Anchor Bolts For Concrete (1) 1/2" x 5" 1
AS-125-4PK   Anchor Bolts For Concrete (4) 1/2" x 5" 4

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Structural Rack Guards

series G

series G-B

Economical way to protect against damage to pallet racking and wall corners. Constructed of 6" or 8" structural steel C channel. Available with or without a rubber bumper. Easy to install to concrete surface. Four mounting holes for maximum stability. Safety yellow powder coat finish. Installation hardware sold separately.

Structural Rack Guards
Model Overall Height Usable Opening (WxD) Overall Base (WxD) Net Weight (lbs)
G6-12 12" 4-1/2"x4" 7-5/8"x6" 10
G6-18 18" 4-1/2"x4" 7-5/8"x6" 16
G6-24 24" 4-1/2"x4" 7-5/8"x6" 22
G6-36 36" 4-1/2"x4" 7-5/8"x6" 28
G8-12 12" 6-1/2"x4" 9-5/8"x6" 16
G8-18 18" 6-1/2"x4" 9-5/8"x6" 21
G8-24 24" 6-1/2"x4" 9-5/8"x6" 30
G8-36 36" 6-1/2"x4" 9-5/8"x6" 38
Structural Rack Guards with Rubber Bumpers
Model Overall Height Usable Opening (WxD) Overall Base (WxD) Net Weight (lbs)
G6-12-B 12" 4-1/2"x4" 7-5/8"x6" 17
G6-18-B 18" 4-1/2"x4" 7-5/8"x6" 25
G6-24-B 24" 4-1/2"x4" 7-5/8"x6" 34
G6-36-B 36" 4-1/2"x4" 7-5/8"x6" 46
G8-12-B 12" 6-1/2"x4" 9-5/8"x6" 28
G8-18-B 18" 6-1/2"x4" 9-5/8"x6" 38
G8-24-B 24" 6-1/2"x4" 9-5/8"x6" 51
G8-36-B 36" 6-1/2"x4" 9-5/8"x6" 71
G-ABK Concrete Anchor Bolts (4) 3/4"x4" 4

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Corner Guards


Protect busy corners, expensive machinery and personnel with 90 perpendicular protection. "SAFETY FIRST" promotion reminds personnel of the number one priority. Steel units include powder coat safety yellow finish. Aluminum unit is unfinished.

Corner Guards
Model Overall Height Overall Height Overall Length Side Height Material Net Weight (lbs)
PCG-16 16" 16" 8" Steel 30
PCG-24   24" 24" 12" Steel 35
PCG-24-A 24" 24" 12" Aluminum 18
PCG-ABK Concrete Anchor Bolts (3) 3/4"x4" 2

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Heavy Duty Pallet Rack Guard

Heavy duty steel construction for use when protecting rack. Offset base plates allow closer placement to racking legs. Heavy structural mid-rail provides extra protection against impacts. Powder coat yellow finish, highly visible.

Heavy Duty Pallet Rack Guard
Model PDF Width Height Net Weight (lbs)
HDPRG-42 42" 42" 98
HDPRG-ABK Concrete Anchor Bolts (6) 3/4" x 4" 6

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