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Pallet pullers are used to pull pallets to rear of trailers for easy fork truck access. Rugged steel construction. Heads are self-cleaning and unaffected by wood particles, paint or grease. Pallet pullers are NOT designed for lifting.

PAL-12 and PAL-16 - Single scissor action allows for wider jaw opening.  PAL-14 - Cam closing action provides maximum gripping strength and reduces pinch points. Safety handle enables easier positioning and removal. Grips both metal and wood pallets with biting action.

PAL-21 and PAL-LP - One piece curved heads have integral spurs for gripping pallet stringers.

Pallet Puller
Model PDFs Description Pulling
Capacity (lbs)
Jaw Height Jaw Opening Wt. (lbs)
PAL-12 Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery Single Scissor 5,000 3" 7" 14
PAL-14 Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery Cam Action 5,000 1-1/2" 3" 14
PAL-16 Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery Single Scissor Heavy Duty 6,000 2" 5" 16
PAL-21 Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery Double scissor 5,000 2-3/4" 3" 22
PAL-LP Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery Double scissor low profile 5,000 2" 3-1/8" 22
PPC-20 Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery 20' of " chain w/ grab hook 6,000 --- --- 15
PPC-40 Warranty PDFPhoto Gallery 40' of " chain w/ grab hook 6,000 --- --- 27

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Download the PAL Owners Manual in PDF format


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The Convenient and Low Cost Way To Move Pallets To The Rear Of Trailers

PPC-20 and PPC-40
20'(6 m) and 40' (12 m) galvanized proof coil chains complete with grab hooks at each end are available.

Pallet Pullers are rated to pull a 5000 lbs. skid across a smooth truck floor.   DO NOT USE FOR LIFTING


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