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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Low Profile 90 Self-Dumping H Style Steel Hoppers

model H-150-HD shown

Units feature a full 90 dump angle with a cushioned rubber bumper stop.  The low profile design is essential for convenient loading.  Dumping with a fork truck is quick and simple.  A cable is pulled from the seat of the fork truck to dump the hopper.  The unit returns to an upright and locked position when lowered to the ground.  A safety restraint is provided to secure the hopper to the fork truck.  22" L usable fork pockets measure 7"W x 2"H.  Formed base thickness is ".  Blue baked-in powder-coated toughness with a galvanized base. H-25 and H-50 models can be stacked, as well as, the H-100 and H-150 models. Never stack hoppers more than 3 high. Must be attached to fork truck when dumping.

8 Guage Steel
model H-100-HD shown

10 Guage Steel
model H-50-MD shown

12 Guage Steel
model H-25-LD shown

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Special Paint Options

model H-150-LD-YEL

model H-150-LD-GAL

model H-150-LD-WHT

model H-150-LD-GRN-T

model H-150-LD-GY-SG

model H-150-LD-ORG-C

model H-150-LD-SR
Color Suggested Use
Soda Red  Hazard
White Paper
Battleship Grey Metal
Tractor Green Organic
Yellow Glass
Blue (Standard Color) Plastic
Orange Corrosive Fluid
Hot Dip Galvanized Wet Environment
Earth Brown Combustible Fluids
Khaki Tan User Defined 
Sandy Beige User Defined
Bubble Gum Pink User Defined
Black / High Gloss User Defined
Black / Semi Gloss User Defined
Hunter Green User Defined
Silver Lining User Defined
Sky Blue User Defined
Machine Gray User Defined

Low Profile 90 Self-Dumping Hoppers
Model  PDF's Volume
Cubic Yards
Pocket Centers
 Light Duty - 12 Gauge Steel
H-25-LD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1/4 2,000 27"x 46-1/8"x23-3/8" 11-5/8" 179
H-50-LD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1/2 2,000 27" x 51-3/16"x 28-1/8" 11-5/8" 210
H-100-LD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1 2,000 51"x 51-3/16"x 28-1/8" 21-5/8" 311
H-150-LD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1-1/2 2,000 51"x 56-1/2"x 38-5/8" 21-5/8" 360
 Medium Duty - 10 Gauge Steel
H-25-MD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1/4 4,000 27"x 46-1/8"x 21-3/8" 11-5/8" 207
H-50-MD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1/2 4,000 27" x 51-3/16"x 28-3/16" 11-5/8" 243
H-100-MD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1 4,000 51" x 51-3/16"x 28-1/8" 21-5/8" 362
H-150-MD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1-1/2 4,000 51" x 56-9/16"x 38-5/8" 21-5/8" 435
 Heavy Duty - 8 Gauge Steel
H-25-HD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1/4 6,000 27"x 46-3/16"x 21-3/8" 11-5/8" 207
H-50-HD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1/2 6,000 27"x 51-1/4"x 28-3/16" 11-5/8" 262
H-100-HD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1 6,000 51"x 51-1/4"x 28-3/16" 21-5/8" 398
H-150-HD Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 1-1/2 6,000 51"x 56-1/2" x 38-11/16" 21-5/8" 472

= Approval Drawing Warranty PDF = Warranty Photo Gallery = Photo Gallery Compliance Certificate = Testing Certificate

Options for Low Profile 90 Self-Dumping Hoppers

Model PDF Description Wt. (lbs.)
H-DAMP-4 Warranty PDF More controlled dumping process. (4,000 lb. units) 30
H-DAMP-6 Warranty PDF More controlled dumping process. (6,000 lb. units) 40
LEKP Warranty PDF Welded leak proof option for H style hoppers 5
H-DPLG-75* Warranty PDF 3/4" threaded drain plug, located in left corner 2
H-DPLG-2* Warranty PDF 2" threaded drain plug, located in left corner 2
LUG Warranty PDF (4) lifting lugs (welded) one on each corner 23
* H-DPLG Option includes leak prood chute welds

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LIFTING LUGS (4 welded)
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