WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Sideways Tilt Option for "D" Style Hoppers

Sideways Tilt Option, model D-TILT, can be used with D-75-LD and D-100-LD hoppers only. User must obtain written permission from fork truck manufacturer prior to use. Factory or field installed. May still use hopper like normal. Adds 3-5/16." to height.

Options for "D" Style Hoppers

Model PDF Description Wt.
D-TILT Sideways Tilt Option 130
LEKP   Welded leak proof option for "D" style hopper 5
D-DPLG-1   1" threaded drain plug, located in left corner 2
D-DPLG-2   2" threaded drain plug, located in left corner 2
LUG   (4) Lifting Lugs (welded) one on each corner 23

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Optional Drain Plug
model D-PLUG

Welded Leak Proof Option
model LEKP



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