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Polyethylene trash chutes are the choice of suppliers & contractors throughout North America. Superb ease-of-use and durability provide a quick, clean, & safe solution. Our designs have been perfected to provide you with the right tool for debris removal. Ideal for; Builders, Roofers, Scaffolders, Masons, Demo Contractors, Supply Houses, Rental Stores, and Renovators. These tapered tubes attach quickly & easily to one another using built-in cable assemblies. Entry Doors allow debris to be cleared from any floor level.  CC-30-MC is used for heavier debris, such as concrete, and CC-30-TC is used for lighter debris, such as shingles. Use Basic Support Frame and Parapet Outrigger when supporting from top of roof. Other supports available, contact factory.

Use Basic Support Frame and Parapet Outrigger when supporting from window or top of roof.

Units are Non-Returnable.






Construction Chutes

Model Number

PDFs Description

Overall Size

Wt. lbs.
CC-30-TH Warranty PDFCompliance CertificatePhoto Gallery Top hopper 30"x48"x28" 63
CC-30-MC Warranty PDFCompliance CertificatePhoto Gallery Medium Gauge Chute 32"x48"x48" 37
CC-30-TC Warranty PDFCompliance CertificatePhoto Gallery Thin Gauge Chute 48"x96"x42" 28
CC-30-ED Warranty PDFCompliance CertificatePhoto Gallery Entry Door 29"x48"x28" 70
CC-30-SF Warranty PDFCompliance CertificatePhoto Gallery Basic Support Frame Both units to be ordered together for mounting system from window or on top of roof 69
CC-30-PO Warranty PDFCompliance CertificatePhoto Gallery Parapet Outrigger (to mount to above support) 91

= Approval Drawing Warranty PDF = Warranty Photo Gallery = Photo Gallery Compliance Certificate = Testing Certificate

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