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model TSCT-2B

model TSCT-3
model TSCT-3B

This unique cart makes it easy to organize and reach parts. Tilting shelves allow easy access to baskets. Ideal for stocking parts in work stations. Casters allow the parts to be moved to wherever they are needed. Shelves will tilt between 0 and 45. Shelf angle is locked with a hand operated friction lock screw. Bottom shelf includes a 2" high lip on all four sides. Middle and top shelves include a 1"H lip on all four sides. Bottom shelf height is 5". Middle shelf height is 33". Top shelf height is 56". Overall cart size (not including baskets) is 19-"W x 30-3/16"L x 60-5/8"H (37-5/8"H for two-shelf models). Rolls smoothly on two rigid and two swivel 4" x 2" casters. Steel construction with a baked-in powder-coat finish for added toughness.

model TSCT-LGB

model TSCT-MDB
model TSCT-SMB
Multi-Tier Stock Carts
Model PDF's Shelf Size
Uniform Static
Capacity (lbs)
Basket Size
TSCT-2 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 16"x24" 200 None 108
TSCT-3 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 16"x24" 300 None 164
TSCT-2B Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 16"x24" 200 (1)15"x23"x16"
TSCT-3B Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 16"x24" 300 (1)15"x23"x16"
Additional Plastic Bins
TSCT-LGB Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 15"x23"x16" 10
TSCT-MDB Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 15"x23"x12" 8
TSCT-SMB Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 11"x15"x8" 4

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