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Portable steel cart is designed to store, organize, and transport your empty cardboard boxes. Chrome plated uprights and frame dividers with powder coated black shelves. Uniform capacity is 400 pounds. Four 5" x 1 poly-on-poly casters swivel casters for easy maneuverability are standard. Ships knockdown.

Model CTC-1856-B features two adjustable-height shelves with
adjustable box dividers ideal for small boxes. Model CTPT-1844-CK has adjustable box dividers ideal for oversized boxes.

Model CTPT-1844-CK has adjustable box dividers ideal for oversized boxes. The seven dividers can be positioned along the cart deck in any of seven pre-drilled positions. The unit rolls on four (4) 5" x 1." poly-onpoly casters.

model CTC-1856-B

model CTPT-1844-CK

Portable Carton Cart
Model PDF Overall Size
of Dividers
CTC-1856-B Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 19-13/16"x56-1/2"x59-1/8" 8 4" 400 142
CTPT-1844-CK Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 18"x44"x30" 5 8" 400 94

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