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model CANT-3060

Portable Cantilever Cart for storage of bar stock type items. Each cart includes three pairs of arms. Arm height is adjustable in 6" increments. Arms are secured to cart with a bolt and nut.  Height of lowest arm position is 17-1/12" while the highest position is 59-1/4". The 8-1/8" high base includes built in fork pockets that are 5"W x 2"H. Units roll on (2) rigid and (2) locking swivel 6" x 2" casters. All steel construction with blue powder-coat finish.



Cantilever Carts
Model PDFs Overall Size
Arm Length
Uniform Load
Capacity (lbs)
Capacity Per
Level (lbs)
CANT-3048 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 30"x 48-9/16"x 64-9/16" 24" 2,000 400 144
CANT-3648 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 36"x 48-9/16"x 64-9/16" 30" 2,000 400 152
CANT-3060 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 30"x 60-9/16"x 64-9/16" 24" 2,000 400 153
CANT-A30 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Extra pair of 30"L (24" usable) arms 5
CANT-A36 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Extra pair of 36"L (30" usable) arms 6
CANT-AS30 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Extra pair of inclined 30"L (24" usable) arms 5
CANT-AS36 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Extra pair of inclined 36"L (30" usable) arms 6

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