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Use these sweepers anywhere, indoors or out, on concrete, asphalt, tile, and commercial
carpets. Great for parking lots, gas stations, theaters, warehouses, schools, etc.

Model JAN-II is faster and more efficient than cleaning with conventional push brooms.  The rotation of the wheels causes the brushes to rotate and pick up material. The side broom allows for cleaning along curbs, walls, and in corners. Contains no electric motor.  Removable handle for storage is standard. Steel construction.

Model JAN-SM includes two (2) brushes on each front corner with a " overlap. A retractable handle is ideal for storage.

Model JAN-LG is a deluxe brush sweeper. The two (2) 11" diameter brushes, one on each
front corner, come with independent " height adjustment. The bottom center brushes also
features " height adjustment. Those brushes measure 17" x 5". A folding handle for easy
storage is standard.

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Manual Push Sweeper
Model PDF's Overall Size
Powered Wt.
JAN-II Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate

29" x 48" x 37-7/8"

27" 10 Belt Driven 85
JAN-SM Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 21-1/4"x24"x 43" 22" 6 Gear Driven 15
JAN-LG Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 32-1/2"x30"x41.5" 32-1/2" 9 Belt Driven 31
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Download The Janitor II Owners Manual in PDF format.

Common Uses
Gas Stations
Industrial Plants
Shopping Malls
Tennis Courts
Apartment Complexes
Parking Lots

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