WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Heavy Duty Portable Evaporator Cooler

model TS-EVAP-36

These Portable Evaporative Coolers have large internal water reservoirs that allow units to operate approximately 8 hours without being connected to an external water source. Water is supplied to the internal tank from a standard 3/4" water hose or from optional water tank. Water level in internal tank controlled by the unit's float valve.  Maintenance free submersible water pump. 8" thick evaporative media easily accessible for routine maintenance. Roto-molded corrosion free polyethylene housing. 20 foot long, 16 ga. 3 conductor cord with GFCI plug. Thermally protected, permanently lubricated fan motor. Variable 3 speed / 2 speed on 48" unit. Weather tight fan and pump control switches.  4" heavy duty casters; 2 locking, 2 non-locking. ETL listed.

model TS-EVAP-16

model TS-EVAP-36

Heavy Duty Portable Evaporator Cooler

Model PDFs Blade Size Motor HP Unit Amps CFM Effective
Sq. Ft.
Internal H20 Tank Overall Size (WxLxH) Wt. (lbs)
TS-EVAP-16 Warranty PDF 16" 1/2 4.6 2500/3300/3900 900 42 gal. 38"x23"x59" 145
TS-EVAP-36 Warranty PDF 36" 1/2 11.2 4800/6600/9600 2500 32 gal. 62"x32"x67" 245
TS-EVAP-48 Warranty PDF 48" 1.0 12 11000/22000 4,000 40 gal 74"x36"x86" 405

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