WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Heavy Duty Manual Turntables

A) TT-24-7/8

B) TT-24-4

C) TT-24-PED



G) TT-N-30-PED

The Heavy-Duty Manual Turntable maximizes workspace and minimizes wasteful motion. Bench top turntables allow workers to stay in one position and rotate items for access from all sides. No need to walk around the table to access areas out of view. Easy and smooth bearing motion. Used in hundreds of applications; displays, paint spraying, assembly units, repairs, etc. Easy, smooth rotation won't jostle delicate parts. Rugged 1/2" steel plate construction. The double tier units, suffix DPED and CDPED, feature a stationary shelf for storing parts and tools. Series PED and DPED feature a turn knob height adjustment operation while the CPED and CDPED feature a gas cylinder up and down mechanism (similar design as office chairs).

Heavy Duty Manual Turntables Survey Sheet

Manual Turn Tables
Type Model PDF's Diameter Height
A TT-8-7/8 Warranty PDF 8" 15/16" No N/A 500 10
A TT-12-7/8 Warranty PDF 12" 1" No N/A 500 20
A TT-18-7/8 Warranty PDF 18" 1" No N/A 1,000 41
A TT-24-7/8 Warranty PDF 24" 1" No N/A 1,000 70
A TT-30-7/8 Warranty PDF 30" 1" No N/A 1,000 134
B TT-8-4 Warranty PDF 8" 4-1/8" No N/A 500 12
B TT-12-4 Warranty PDF 12" 4-1/16" No N/A 500 22
B TT-18-4 Warranty PDF 18" 3-5/8" No N/A 500 70
B TT-N-24-4 Warranty PDF 24" 3-7/8" No N/A 500 150
B TT-N-30-4 Warranty PDF 30" 3-7/8" No N/A 500 191
C TT-18-PED Warranty PDF 18" 21-1/8" To 32-1/8" No Turn Knob 300 55
C TT-N-24-PED Warranty PDF 24" 21-1/8" To 32-1/8" No Turn Knob 300 113
D TT-18-DPED Warranty PDF 18" 24-1/8" to 35-1/8" Yes Turn Knob 300 114
D TT-N-24-DPED Warranty PDF 24" 24-3/16" to 35-3/16" Yes Turn Knob 300 164
D TT-N-30-DPED Warranty PDF 30" 23-1/8" to 34-1/8" Yes Turn Knob 300 206
E TT-18-CPED Warranty PDF 18" 20-5/16" to 30-5/16" No Gas Cylinder 300 91
E TT-N-24-CPED Warranty PDF 24" 20-5/8" to 30-5/8" No Gas Cylinder 300 148
F TT-18-CDPED Warranty PDF 18" 22-11/16" to 32-11/16" Yes Gas Cylinder 300 112
F TT-N-24-CDPED Warranty PDF 24" 23" to 33" Yes Gas Cylinder 300 169
G TT-N-30-PED Warranty PDF 30" 20-7/8" to 30-7/8" No Turn Knob 300 185

Click the above for Approval Drawing PDF.  Click the for Parts List PDF.  (If you have trouble viewing the PDF in the browser, try "right clicking" the icon and clicking "save target as" to save the PDF to your preferred location.)

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Powered Turntables

model PT-250

The Powered Turntable helps keep tedious material handling at your fingertips. Easy, smooth clockwise rotation for hundreds of applications. Rotation speed is non-adjustable. These Powered Turntables are wired to 115V, 1 phase. An on/off selector switch incorporated in a 3 foot cord provides power to the unit. A foot control is available. A side skirt to protect items from getting into the rotating mechanism is standard. Rotation is clockwise.

Powered Turntables
Model PDF's Diameter R.P.M. Height Capacity
PT-100 Warranty PDF 12" 3.5 4-1/2" 100 29
PT-250 Warranty PDF 18" 3 5-1/2" 250 56
PT-750 Warranty PDF 18" 2 6-3/8" 750 64

Optional Foot Control Model PT-FC Available

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Turntables with Powered Height Adjustment

model TT-18-LA

Turntables with Powered Height Adjustment allow the operator to raise or lower turntable to an ergonomic height. Each unit has a 360 manual turntable. DC power with hand control for height adjustment and features an on-board charger. Hand held pendant control connects to power unit with a coil cord. Height is adjusted with  linear-actuator.

Turntables with Powered Height Survey Sheet

Turntables with Powered Height Adjustment
Model PDF's Diameter Height
TT-18-LA Warranty PDF 18" 27" to 43" 750 234
TT-N-24-LA   24" 27-3/4" to 42-3/4" 750 290
TT-N-30-LA   30" 27-3/4" to 42-3/4" 750 330

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