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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Portable Traction Drive System

model PST-PTDS-E


Reduce worker fatigue and injury with the Portable Traction Drive Option. This factory installed option is available on portable equipment indicated in the table below. An alternative to costly fork trucks. This state of the art option allows a single operator to safely and ergonomically transport products. Maximum speed is 2.5 m.p.h.


PTDS Model includes:

 1.) Combination throttle / direction butterfly style controller

2.) An adjustable steering yoke

3.) A auto reverse emergency ‘belly switch


PTDS-E Model includes:

1.) Combination throttle / direction controller

2.) A auto reverse emergency ‘belly switch

Power Traction Drive System Compatibility Table


Model # Prefix Works With PTDS Works With PTDS-E
Portable Scissor Table PST X X
Pallet Master/Server PMPS   X
Pallet Master/Server LL-PMPS   X
Tilt Master TM X  
Tilt Master TMS X  
High Rise Lift Truck HIPM X  
Basket & Skid Stacker PMSS   X
Stackers with Powered Lift SL X

Power Traction Drive System
Model PDFs Description Wt.
PTDS Power Traction Drive System, 24V DC 231
PTDS-E   Power Traction Drive System, 24V DC 600

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PTDS Model  Features

Ergonomic Steering Yoke Incorporates the drive controls and lift lowering functions on an adjustable yoke.

Traction Drive Wheel for up to 2.5 m.p.h.



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