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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Medium Duty Powered Stretch Wrap Machines

Vestil's Medium Duty Powered Stretch Wrap Machines offer the same great features as our standard duty machines in a 5,000-lb capacity unit. Complete with a powered turntable and counter-balanced stretch film mast. To operate, depress the foot pedal and manually move the mast up and down. The film-wrap tension is controlled with an adjustable, friction-brake assembly. Film placement is controlled manually by moving the carriage assembly up and down on the vertical mast. A hand operated carriage-brake allows the carriage to move freely making film application fast and simple. The system will accept 10 (in.) to 20 (in.) material. The unit ships with mast disconnected-simply raise mast and clamp into place.  The standard manual film wrap delivery can be upgraded to 115V 1-phase AC powered mast option (PMO). The hand held control is used to raise/lower the film while the foot control is used to operate the turntable. Please contact factory for Approach Ramp options on these models.

Approach Ramp
model SWA-R-4836

Power Mast Option
model SWA-PMO
Extra Stretch Wrap Film

(SWA-48 sold separately)
Stretch Wrap Machine
Model PDF's Turntable Dia. Max. Load Diameter Turntable Height Capacity (lbs) Weight (lbs)
SWA-48 48" 76" 2-3/8" 4,000 541
SWA-54 54" 90" 11" 5,000 1314
SWA-60 60" 90" 11" 5,000 1393
Stretch Wrap Machine Accessories
Model PDF Description Weight (lbs)
SWA-PMO Powered Mast Option (Factory Installed) 144
SWA-5460-PMO-RF   115V Powered mast option (retrofit - field installed) 194
SWA-54-SCALE Scale for SWA-54 - Adds 3-1/2"to Height (Factory Installed) 500
SWA-60-SCALE Scale for SWA-60 - Adds 3-1/2"to Height (Factory Installed) 500
SWA-R-4836 48"Wx36"Lx2"H Approach Ramp (for electric pallet trucks) -Used with SWA-48 only 138
SWA-R-4848 48"Wx48"Lx2"H Approach Ramp (for manual pallet trucks) -Used with SWA-48 only 183
SWA-R-48100-SCL 48"Wx99-13/16"Lx5-7/8"H Approach Ramp (for manual pallet trucks) -Used with SWA-48 only 346
SWA-FILM 20"x80ga. x 6,000 FT x 3" Core (one roll) 42
SWA-REV   Twin foot switch control for forward/reverse operation 15
SWA-COUNT Counter Option, keep track of carousel rotation 1
SWA-NRTL-COMP UL Approved components 601
SWA-INDEX Auto-indexing 90, 120, or 180 1
SWA-NM SWA-54 & 60 with no mast (specify turntable diameter) 601

 Click the above for Approval Drawing PDF.  Click the for Parts List PDF.  (If you have trouble viewing the PDF in the browser, try "right clicking" the icon and clicking "save target as" to save the PDF to your preferred location.)

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Medium Duty High Performance Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine

The Medium Duty High Performance Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine has a user friendly control center that provides workers with efficient control of the wrapping process.  The state of the art digital control circuit allows the operator to set the number of pallet rotations and film wrapping patterns, with four (4) standard multifunction wrapping patterns.  The operator simply ties off the film wrap on the carousel and presses the start button.  When the unit has completed the wrapping process, the operator can simply cut film or use auto brake feature and remove the wrapped pallet. The powered carousel has variable speeds with a soft start and stop feature. Photocell sensors automatically adjust to different pallet heights.

Medium Duty High Performance Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine
Model PDFs Turntable Diameter Turntable Height Capacity (lbs) Weight (lbs)
SWA-60-AW 59" 3-1/8" 4,000 1512
SWA-82-AW 82" 3 1/8" 4,000 2186
SWA-R-60-AW 48"W x 61-13/32"L x 3"H Approach Ramp (SWA-60-AW) 329
SWA-R-82-AW - 48"W x 61-13/32"L x 3"H Approach Ramp (SWA-82-AW) 310
SWA-60-AW-SCL Scale Only (factory installed /adds 3-1/2" to height) 924

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SWA-48 & POW-CAR Owners Manual

SWA-60-AW Owners Manual

Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine Model-SWA-60

Hand Pendant Control


ftpedal.JPG (2526 bytes)
Foot Control
low voltage foot control

115 Volt
powered Variable speed DC Motor with adjustable chain drive.

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