model S-2001

  • Minimize Packaging Time

  • Secure Contents Effectively

  • User Friendly Controls

  • Stainless Steel Strapping Surface

  • Portable for Convenience

  • Easy Access for Reloading Strapping

This fully portable strapping machine dispenses, tightens, and seals economical polypropylene strapping around packages or bundles greater thand 3".  Unit automatically tensions strap and joins the
ends with a secure heat weld. The motor automatically switches off when not in use.  As the strap is inserted, the motor automatically restarts.  Wall plug is standard 115V single phase 15 amp.

Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine
Model PDFs Overall Dimensions Strapping Width Power Supply Caster Size Net Weight (lbs.)
S-2001 Warranty PDF 35-1/2"Wx23"Lx30"H 1/2" 115V 3"x1-1/4" 223

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Semi-Automatic Pallet Probe Strapping Machine

model DBA-130

  • User Friendly
  • Tension up to 175lbs.
  • 40" Foldable Arm Probe
  • Uses 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" Poly Strapping

Eliminate hand strapping and speed up the process of pallet strapping with this Semi-Automatic Pallet Strapper. Unit automatically feeds the desired polypropylene strap through the pallet, tightens and seals the strap around the pallet. 115V power supply.

Operation: (a) Unfold chute/leg, (b) Push chute/leg into pallet, (c) Feed polypropylene strap, (d) Insert tip of strap into strapway, (e) Adjust tension, pulling automatically into heat seal, (f ) Strip is then cut off to feed the strap out, (g) One-cycle automatically complete, (h) Remove
machine and insert into next pallet. Strapping is not included.

Semi-Automatic Pallet Probe Strapping Machine
Model PDFs Overall Size
Feed Strap
Net Wt.
DBA-130 Warranty PDF 23"x31.5"x55" 53-1/2" 175 348
WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) High Speed Strapping Machine

model ASM-3123

  • Dispenses 3/8" or 1/2" polypropylene strapping

  • Automatic strapping operation

  • Heat welded polypropylene strapping

  • Up to 30 cycles per minute

  • Strap tension is adjustable 15 lbs. to 150 lbs.

  • User friendly controls

  • Strapping core size is 6" to 9"

  • Easy access for reloading strapping

The High Speed Strapping Machine is a productive solution to most polypropylene strapping tasks.  This automatic Arch Strapping Machine features the "Auto-Feeding" function that automatically feeds polypropylene strapping to arch and is ready for each application. The "Auto-Positioning" system automatically positions a secures the polypropylene strapping efficiently for each cycle. The "Jam-Free" feature ejects missed strap cycles, and resets the unit.  User friendly controls allow operator to chose between panel mounted controls, foot pedal, or table top ball switch. Cycle rate: Up to 30 straps per minute. Actual production will vary depending on package size, chute size and operator dexterity. Portable for convenience. 120V, 1phase power required. Polypropylene strapping is sold separately.


High Speed Strapping Machine
Model PDFs Max.
Size (WxH)
Table Top
Net Wt.
ASM-3123 Warranty PDF 31-1/2"x23-1/2" 31-1/2" 49"x23"x58" 425


S-2001 Owners Manual

DBA-130 Owners Manual

ASM-3123 Owners Manual

Control Panel is easily accessible while strapping packages.


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