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Our fully welded Model SSSC carts resist corrosion and wet environments. All parts are made from 304 grade stainless steel, including the hydraulic pump and foot pedal. These carts are suitable for most food, medical, and pharmaceutical industry settings. Also suitable for wash-down applications. 2 rigid and 2 swivel polyurethane wheels with brakes standard. Units feature a high quality actuated, single-speed hydraulic pump, Models CART-550-SS and CART-1100-SS, two speed hydraulic pump.

model CART-600-D-SS

Stainless Steel Scissor Carts
Model PDFs Platform
Size (WxL)
Capacity (lbs)
SSSC-200 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 17-3/4"x27-1/2" 200 10" to  30-1/2" 88
SSSC-400 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 19-1/2"x32-11/16" 400 12.75" to  36-1/2" 166
SSSC-1000 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 20-1/2"x40" 1,000 17" to 40" 280
CART-550-SS Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 19-1/2"x31-1/2" 550 9-3/4"to 33-1/2" 134
CART-600-D-SS* Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 23-5/8"x35-1/2" 600 13-3/8"to 56-1/4" 340
CART-800-D-SS* Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 23-5/8"x35-1/2" 800 13-3/8"to 48-7/16" 335
CART-1100-SS Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 23-1/2"x35-1/2" 1,100 13"to 38-1/2" 204

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