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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Foot Pump Scissor Table - Model SCTAB-400

model SCTAB-400

Foot Pump Scissor Lift Tables are used by all types of manufacturing and warehousing facilities.  Features torsion tubes for side to side stability, pressure flow control valve for controlled lowering, and foot pump.  Optional power-lift feature available (on-board charger included on DC option).  These scissor tables can be made mobile with the optional handle and caster kit (this option will add 6" to the raised and lowered height).  Rugged welded steel construction.  Painted blue finish.

model SCTAB-500

model SCTAB-750D

model SCTAB-800D

model SCTAB-1000

model SCTAB-2000

(factory installed)
model SCTAB-CHK-2


Foot Pump Scissor Lift Tables
Model Number PDF's # of Pumps
At High/
Low Speed
SCTAB-400 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 8/16 17-3/4"x27-5/8" 400 8-1/2" 28-13/16" 138
SCTAB-500 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 28/ 10 20-3/8"x33" 500 6" 28" 272
SCTAB-750D Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 28/ 10 20-3/8"x40" 750 7" 35-11/16" 329
SCTAB-800D Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 12/39 20"x35-1/2" 800 15" 52" 290
SCTAB-1000 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 28/ 10 20-3/8"x40" 1000 8" 32" 262
SCTAB-2000 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 56/ 20 42"x42" 2000 8" 32" 420
Foot Pump Scissor Table Options
Model   Description Wt.
SCTAB-DC* Warranty PDF 12 Volt hand control (1) 12V battery 54
SCTAB-AC* Warranty PDF 24 Volt hand control w/ 115V 1 phase power 36
SCTAB-AIR* Warranty PDF Factory Air Over Oil w/ foot treadle control 18
SCTAB-AIR-R Warranty PDF Foot Pump Table (Rotary Pneumatic) --
SCTAB-CHK-2* Warranty PDF (4) 5" x 2"Casters & Handle kit (Factory installed only) 18
SCTAB-HDS Warranty PDF High Density PVC Surface 4
BCI* Warranty PDF Battery charge indicator 1

*Not Available on the SCTAB-400 and SCTAB-800D

Filter Regulator-Lubricator required to operate

  = Approval Drawing Warranty PDF = Warranty Photo Gallery = Photo Gallery Compliance Certificate = Testing Certificate

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The optional CA-40-2 Carousel can be put in the SCTAB-2000

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