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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Steel Quick Lifts

model PEL-88

24V DC Standard, Options Below

Quiet, lightweight units transport and position loads quickly with just the push of a button.  Battery operated. " High density polyethylene platform.  9" horizontal load center.  Features low profile design for maneuvering in narrow aisles and confined spaces.   Poly casters; two swivel and two swivel-locking are standard on all units with the exception of the PEL-400 units.  The PEL-400 comes standard with rigid front wheels and swivel rear wheels with locks.  DC system has two (2) 12V AGM batteries and 115V AC on-board charger.  Steel units have a baked-in powder-coat finish.  A detachable handheld control with coil cord for remote operation is optional.  The optional Programmable Height Indexing option allows you to preset multiple working heights at the touch of a button.  Custom end attachments available.

model PEL-100

model PEL-400-57


model PEL-88-A

model PEL-100-A

Hand Held Push-Button Control
model PEL-2PB

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Quick Lift Attachments

model PEL-CONV


model PEL-PAIL

model PEL-HOOK

model PEL-SPIN

model PEL-VBLK

model PEL-RR

Transform our Quick Lifts in seconds to create the perfect lifting solution!

Steel Quick-Lift
Model Number PDF's Platform
Size (WxL)
Capacity (lbs.) Caster Size  Wt. (lbs)
PEL-88 Compliance Certificate 23.5"x18.5" 57" 5-5/8" 175 3" 180
PEL-100 Compliance Certificate 23.5"x18.5" 72 5-5/8" 125 3" 190
PEL-400-57 Compliance Certificate 24"x20" 57" 6-1/2" 400 4" 574
PEL-400-72 Compliance Certificate 24"x20" 72" 6-1/2" 400 4" 560
Aluminum Quick Lift
Model PDF's Platform
Size (WxL)
Caster Size Capacity (lbs.) Wt. (lbs)
PEL-88-A Compliance Certificate 23-1/2"x18-1/2" 57" 5-1/2" 3" 175 178
PEL-100-A Compliance Certificate 23-1/2"x18-1/2" 72" 5-1/2" 3" 125 188
Optional Attachments (for both Steel & Aluminum Quicklifts)
PEL-HOOK Compliance Certificate Hook Arm 9
PEL-SPIN Compliance Certificate Single Spindle 11
PEL-DSPIN Compliance Certificate Double Spindle 21
PEL-VBLK Compliance Certificate "V" Block Attachment 27
PEL-CONV Compliance Certificate Conveyor with Brake 40
PEL-PAIL Compliance Certificate Pail Dumper 20
PEL-RR Compliance Certificate Reel Rotator 40
PEL-88-KEG-KT Compliance Certificate KEG LIFTER KIT FOR MODEL PEL-88 11
PEL-400-KEG-KT Compliance Certificate KEG LIFTER KIT FOR SERIES PEL-400 14
DC Powered Quick Lift Options
PEL-88-AC AC Power Supply 115V or 230VSingle Phase Supply Option
PEL-400-AC AC Power Supply 230V Single Phase Supply Option
PEL-88-AC/DC Operates on either 24V DC Battery or 115V,230V Single Phase
PEL-400-AC/DC Operates on either 24V DC Battery or 230V Single Phase Only
PEL-2PB Handheld Push-Button Control
PEL-RRC Wireless Remote Control for the Quick Lift
PEL-INDEX-4 Programmable Height indexing--4 set points
PEL-INDEX-21 Programmable Height indexing--21 set points

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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Versatile Quicklifts

model PEL-33

An economical alternative DC powered lift. Ideal for light industrial or commercial applications.  Features durable belt over pulley design. This lifter has a high service range and four swivel casters to provide great versatility and convenience. White high density (HDPE) plastic platform is scratch resistant, easy to clean, and retains an attractive appearance. Just 18 seconds for the 55-3/8" platform travel.  Top wheels facilitate loading into a pick-up or van. Tool tray and remote battery charger is standard.

Versatile Quicklifts

Model PDF Platform
Size (WxL)
Overall Size
PEL-33 Compliance Certificate 20-1/2"x17-5/8" 330 5-3/8" to 60-3/4" 20-3/8"x36-7/16"x76" 3"/4" 178
PEL-S Compliance Certificate Single Spindle 7
PEL-DS Compliance Certificate Double Spindle 12

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