WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Premium Scissor Lift Carts

model CART-1000-S-FR

model CART-1000-S-HR

model CART-1000-D-FR

Constructed of heavy duty steel and designed to withstand the most demanding industrial environments.  The simplicity and compactness of these products make them ideal for lifting and transporting loads, order-picking, die handling, and for use in support of assembly operations. Little exertion is required to raise and lower the deck, with the high quality foot-actuated, single-speed hydraulic pump.  The hydraulic system is equipped with an overload protection valve.  Each cart has safety stops to prevent an empty deck from lowering while performing maintenance.  A unique tilt-up table top allows for safe and easy maintenance.  Two rigid front casters and two rear swivel polyurethane casters with brake provide a high degree of maneuverability; each swivel wheel is protected by guards and is equipped with brakes.

model CART-400-D-HR

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Premium Scissor Lift Carts
Model PDF Scissor
Size (WxL)
Capacity (lbs)
 Foot Operated
CART-300-S-FR Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Single 17-3/4"x30" 300 10" to 31" Foot 177
CART-600-S-FR Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Single 19-3/4"x33-1/8" 600 13 1/4"to34" Foot 233
CART-1000-S-FR Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Single 24"x40-1/2" 1,000 13 3/8"to35-1/2" Foot 312
CART-300-D-FR Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Double 19-1/2"x33" 300 17"to56" Foot 264
CART-600-D-FR Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Double 23-1/4"x33" 600 12"to53-1/2" Foot 301
CART-1000-D-FR Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Double 24"x40-1/2" 1,000 11-3/4"to 61-1/2" Foot 384

 Hand Operated

CART-300-S-HR Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Single 23-5/8"x35-7/16" 300 13-1/8" to 36-3/8" Hand 180
CART-1000-S-HR Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Single 23-5/8"x35-7/16" 1,000 13-1/8" to 36-3/8" Hand 212
CART-400-D-HR Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate Double 23 5/8"x35 7/16" 400 18 1/8"to 65" Hand 284

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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Low Profile Scissor Lift Cart

Manual two speed foot pump, double up the lifting speed when pedal is turned to the left.  Equipped with speed control valve.  Prevents the tables from moving downwards at a fast speed.  Hydraulic pump pedal makes operation easier.  Equipped with a built-in automatic load check valve.  Simple design, powerful parking brake, and compact with small turning radius.

Low Profile Scissor Lift Carts
Model PDF Platform
Size (WxL)
Capacity (lbs)
# of Pumps
at High/Low
CART-900-LP Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 23-3/4"x35-5/8" 900 3-1/2" to 24" 33/53 225

= Approval Drawing Warranty PDF = Warranty Photo Gallery = Photo Gallery Compliance Certificate = Testing Certificate

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CART-D-HR & CART-S-HR Owners Manual

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