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User-friendly portable hydraulic lifts provide reliable, powerful lifting when moving and positioning loads. Economical and attractive, theyre ideal for commercial or industrial uses. Features removable chrome platform for operations requiring forks. Manual hydraulic foot pump yields 3⁄4 of platform travel per stroke. Non-slip chain is used for accurate positioning. Units roll easily on two rigid and two swivel polyurethane casters and include a foot operated brake. Not for use with pallets. All welded steel construction with chrome platform and uprights.  Each fork is 4-3/8W x 2-1/2H, except for HYD-15 is 5-9/16W x 2-1/2H.  Fork length is the same as the platform length.

Design Features:

  • Chrome plated handle and supports
  • Removable solid platform
  • Heavy duty lifting chain
  • Foot pedal features an anti-slip sleeve
  • Stainless Steel construction available on  Model HYD-5


Extended Platform Hefti-Lift
Model: HYD-10-EP

Compact Hefti-Lift
model HYD-3

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) DC Powered Hefti-Lifts with Attachment Options

model HYD-10-DC

model HYD-CB-10-DC

Transform these lifts in seconds to create the perfect solution for you application!

  • Heavy-duty steel construction with chrome uprights

  • Precision chain lift mechanism for durability

  • Units roll easily on two rigid and two swivel poly-on-steel casters and includes a foot-operated brake

  • Each fork is 4-1/2W x 2-1/2H x 25-3/4L (Overall fork width is 22).

  • Powered by (1) 12V battery, on-board charger included.

                     Attachment Options

Single Spindle (HYDC-SPIN)

Double Spindle (HYDC-DSPIN)

V-Shape Fork (HYDC-VFRK)

Roller Platform (HYDC-RP)

Ball Transfer Platform (HYDC-BTP)

Stainless Steel Platform (HYDC-SSP)

V Block Platform (HYDC-VBLK)

Rubber Roller (HYDC-RR)

Fork Hook (HYDC-FRKHK)


Model PDF's Platform Description Service Range Capacity (lbs) Operation Net Weight (lbs)
HYD-3 - 23"x24" Steel 3-1/2" to 35" 880 Foot Pump 190
HYD-5 Warranty PDF 23"x24" Steel 4" to 44" 880 Foot Pump 308
HYD-5-SS Warranty PDF 21 1/4"x23 5/8" Stainless Steel 6 1/4" to 45 1/4" 450 Foot Pump 308
HYD-5-PSS Warranty PDF 23"x24" Partially Stainless Steel 3-1/2" to 44" 880 Foot Pump 236
HYD-10 Warranty PDF 23"x24" Steel 4" to 59" 880 Foot Pump 270
HYD-15 Warranty PDF 23"x31 1/2" Steel 4" to 63" 1,500 Foot Pump 420
 DC Powered Hefti-Lift
HYD-10-DC Warranty PDF 22-1/8"x25-3/4" DC Operated 3-1/2" to 59" 880 12V DC Power 310
HYD-CB-10-DC Warranty PDF 22-1/8"x25-3/4" DC Operated 2-3/4" to 55-1/2" 550 12V DC Power 506

 Extended Length

HYD-5-EP Warranty PDF 23"x40" 3-1/2" to 44" 400 Foot Pump 283
HYD-10-EP Warranty PDF 23"x40" 3-1/2" to 59" 300 Foot Pump 298

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Hefti-Lift Owners Manual

Remove platform when forks are needed.

Want an Automatic Lift?  Try the Quick Lift.  Click Here



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