These carts are ideal for quick lifting and ergonomic material handling.
Battery-powered unit will raise and lower platform with the push of a button.  Unit rolls on two rigid and two swivel polyurethane casters. Includes battery and on-board battery charger.





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DC Powered Hydraulic Elevating Carts
Model PDF's Description Platform Size (WxL) Capacity (lbs) Service Range Net Wt. (lbs)
CART-1000D-DC Warranty PDF Double Scissor 20-1/2"x39-3/4" 1,000 19-1/2"to63-3/4" 475
CART-1000-DC Warranty PDF Single Scissor 20-1/2"x39-3/4" 1,000 17-1/2"to37-1/2" 419
CART-1000-LD-DC Warranty PDF Single Scissor 24-1/2"x60" 1,000 17-1/2"to45" 460
CART-2000-DC Warranty PDF Single Scissor 20"x40" 2,000 15"to39" 368
CART-DS-1000 Warranty PDF Double Scissor 20"x33" 1,000 14"to42" 338
CART-SCTAB-500-DC Warranty PDF Single Scissor 20"x33" 500 13"to35" 366
CART-SCTAB-750D-DC Warranty PDF Double Scissor 20"x40" 750 14"to40" 387
CART-SCTAB-1000-DC Warranty PDF Single Scissor 20"x40" 1,000 15"to39" 402
CART-SCTAB-2000-DC Warranty PDF Single Scissor 42"x42" 2,000 15"to39" 514

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Reduce worker fatigue and injury by adding the power traction drive system (click picture for more info.)

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