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model ABS-130

Transport, stack and lift plastic containers to raised heights up to 42-1/2 inches with the rugged Adjustable Box Stackers. The unit has a capacity of 380 pounds.  The lift is raised by a foot pump and lowered by a lowering lever located near the driving handle.  The model is compact and light. Both fork width and box clamps are adjustable to fit different sizes of plastic containers; these box clamps are rubber coated to protect your plastic containers.

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Adjustable Box Stackers
Model PDF's Fork Length Capacity (lbs) Raised Height Lowered Height Wt.
ABS-130 Warranty PDFPhoto GalleryCompliance Certificate 19.5" 380 42.25" 2-3/4" 156

Includes "L" & "T" Shaped Holding Brackets

= Approval Drawing Warranty PDF = Warranty Photo Gallery = Photo Gallery Compliance Certificate = Testing Certificate

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