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WB01372_.gif (406 bytes) Drum Storage Racks

model DRK-1-3

Provides orderly storage for 30 & 55 gallon drums

The Drum Storage Racks provide orderly storage for 30 & 55 gallon drums. Constructed of heavy duty steel angle and cross bracing is provided for extra strength. The uprights keep drums from accidental roll off and allows forklift entry from the front or rear. Four (4) anchor pads help to prevent tipping. Color is yellow with blue cross braces.

Available in FIVE different configurations!

Extra height uprights keep drums from
dangerous roll off

Optional Revolving Drum
Cradle & Drip Pan

Drum Storage Racks
Model PDF Description Overall Dimensions
DRK-1-3 Warranty PDFPhoto GalleryCompliance Certificate 3-Drum Rack 34-7/8"x34-13/16"x74-9/16" 2,400 170
DRK-2-2 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 4-Drum Rack 60-7/16"x34-13/16"x53-1/16" 3,200 173
DRK-3-2 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 6-Drum Rack 85-15/16"x34-13/16"x53-1/16" 4,800 233
DRK-2-3 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 6-Drum Rack 60-7/16"x34-13/16"x74-9/16" 4,800 239
DRK-3-3 Warranty PDFCompliance Certificate 9-Drum Rack 85-15/16"x34-13/16"x74-9/16" 7,200 324
DRK-SRS-2* Compliance Certificate 2-Drum Rack 61-1/2"x35-1/12"x31-1/4" 1,600 195
DRK-PRDC-42-R Photo Gallery Revolving Drum Cradle 17-3/8" x 33-1/8" x 4-3/16" 800 36
DRK-PRDC-DPN   Drip Pan with steel holder 12" x 14-9/16" x 11-9/16" - 5

*Three is the recommended number that can be stacked  on top of each other

= Approval Drawing Warranty PDF = Warranty Photo Gallery = Photo Gallery Compliance Certificate = Testing Certificate

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