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L8                            Thin Spins - pallet truck loadable carousel
       STAINLESS STEEL & BRONZE  model LP-4000T-SS  floor space and only a hand pallet truck, the Thin Spin low-profile carousel is ideal for loading and

                                          Stainless Steel Thin Spin are pallet truck loadable carousels. When confronted with minimum
                                          unloading pallet applications. The unit is pallet truck loadable because of its sleek overall height.
                                          The detent lock restricts carousel rotation when not in use. The Carousel requires a starting force of
                                          approximately thirty-five (35) pounds and a maintaining force of twenty-five (25) pounds. Stainless
                                          Steel Thin Spins are constructed of type 304 stainless steel mill finish. Units may not be suitable for
                                          wash down applications. Please contact factory.
                                                                                              4,000 lb.
                                                                          59 /16"
                                                                          47 /16"
                                                                                              4,000 lb.
              New                         Manual Carousels     45"        53 /16"    7 7 /8"  4,000 lb.    245
                                          Stainless Steel Manual Carousels rotate materials with the assistance of an operator.  Now loading
                                          and unloading operations can be done more efficiently; minimizing fatigue and risk of back injury.
                                          The carousel may be added to an existing work bench, scissor table, or simply placed on the floor.
                                          A series of sealed ball bearings transfer the load smoothly and evenly to the supporting surface.
                                          Guide rollers keep the rings aligned.
                                               MODEL         OUTER          UNIFORM          OVERALL      WEIGHT
                                              NUMBER        DIAMETER        CAPACITY         HEIGHT      (POUND)
                         model             CA-40-2-SS         40"           2,000 lb.          2"          47
                       CA-40-4-SS          CA-40-4-SS         40"           4,000 lb.          2"          47
                                           CA-40-6-SS         40"           6,000 lb.          2"          49
                                          Wash Down Floor Scales
                                          Ideal for food, chemical, and pharmaceutical applications, these scales can withstand daily washdown.
                                          Non-metallic deck insert, type 304 stainless steel frame, feet, and bolts standard.  Comes with stainless
                                          steel NTEP load cells and junction box.  Easiest "clean-in-place" scale on the market.  Just lift out
                                          the 1" thick polyethylene deck insert, leaving the stainless steel scale frame in place and hose down!
                                          Accuracy to NIST H44.  The digital display stands 42" high and is powered by 115V AC, cord
            model                         included.  Bases are constructed in the USA with domestic steel.
                                                 MODEL              UNIFORM            PLATFORM SIZE      WEIGHT
                                                 NUMBER             CAPACITY             (W x L x H)      (POUND)
                                           SCALE-LT-44-5K          5,000 lb.           48" x 48" x 4"      296
                                           SCALE-LT-55-5K          5,000 lb.           60" x 60" x 4"      336
                                           SCALE-LT-44-10K         10,000 lb.          48" x 48" x 4"      351
                                           SCALE-LT-55-10K         10,000 lb.          60" x 60" x 4"      391

                                          Floor Scales
                                          All purpose Stainless Steel Floor Scales are designed to withstand the widest variety of demanding
                                          industrial applications, including pharmaceutical, heavy washdown, food processing, chemical, and
                                          hazardous areas. Heavy duty Type 304 structural steel construction with stainless steel summing
                                          enclosure, hardware, and feet.  Uses four hermetically sealed, stainless steel NTEP load cells. The
                                          digital display stands 42" high and is powered by 115V AC, cord included.  Smooth top standard,
            SCALE-STS-44-5K               treadplate available. Contact factory.
                                                  MODEL            UNIFORM             PLATFORM SIZE      WEIGHT
                                                 NUMBER            CAPACITY             (W x L x H)      (POUND)
                                           SCALE-STS-44-5K         5,000 lb.          48" x 48" x 3½"      384
                                           SCALE-STS-55-5K         5,000 lb.          60" x 60" x 3½"      419
                                           SCALE-STS-44-10K        10,000 lb.         48" x 48" x 3½"      439
                                           SCALE-STS-55-10K        10,000 lb.         60" x 60" x 3½"      474
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