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          Linear Actuated Elevating Cart (partially stainless steel)  12V DC STANDARD
          Transport materials from workstation to workstation with ease.  Platform is raised and lowered with
          an electric linear actuator for precise positioning.  Linear actuator will not allow platform to drift
          down - a common problem with hydraulic carts.  This linear actuated cart is powered with a 12V
          DC battery and features an on-board charger.  Emergency stop button standard on hand control.
          Includes two rigid and two swivel casters.  Platform, handle, base frame, caster brackets and hardware
          are all stainless steel.  Air pump, hydraulic cylinder, scissor legs and foot pedal are zinc plated.  Battery   STAINLESS STEEL & BRONZE
          pack, charger, and hand control are plastic.  Linear actuator is plastic with a chrome-plated piston.
          Wheels are poly-on-poly.
                  MODEL         PLATFORM   UNIFORM    LOWERED    RAISED    WEIGHT   model
                 NUMBER         SIZE (W x L)  CAPACITY  HEIGHT   HEIGHT    (POUND)  CART-500-LA-PSS
           CART-500-LA-PSS    19½" x 32"   500 lb.     14"        35"      245
          Lift & Tilt Cart with Sequence Select (partially stainless steel)
          Lift & Tilt Cart with Sequence Select has a unique design which allows the user to RAISE and TILT
          materials to an ergonomic position for better posture and operator comfort. The manual hydraulic
          foot pump controls the platform lift, lower, and tilt. A manual selector valve is used to control the
          lift/lower sequence independently from the tilt sequence. The platform includes a 7" high retaining
          lip. Rolls on two (2) rigid and two (2) swivel 5" poly casters.
                 MODEL          PLATFORM     UNIFORM   MAX.     SERVICE     WEIGHT
                 NUMBER         SIZE (W x L)  CAPACITY  TILT    RANGE**    (POUND)
           CART-1000-LT-PSS*   22" x 33 /8"  1,000 lb.  40°    17½" to 35"   323                    CART-1000-LT-PSS
          Low Profile Electric Lift Tables
          The open center on the "U" Type Electric Lift Tables, enable a pallet truck to place a load on the
          platform. Units feature an external power pack equipped with a pressure relief valve that prevents
          overloading and a flow control valve that controls the lowering speed. Remote power pack comes
          complete with a cover to protect the motor from dust and debris. Raise and lower the unit using the UP
          and DOWN push buttons on the 24V control box. Safety features include electric toe guards, safety
          velocity fuse in cylinders, safety maintenance props, and an emergency stop button on the control box.
          Inside width is 29¾" by 41¼" long. Power supply is 115V single phase with pedestal mounted push
          buttons. Unit is 304 stainless steel.
              MODEL      PLATFORM      UNIFORM     LOWERED      RAISED     WEIGHT
             NUMBER      SIZE (W x L)  CAPACITY     HEIGHT      HEIGHT     (POUND)
           EHU-2-SS     52½" x 55¾"    2,000 lb.     3½"        33½"        592

          Spring Scissor Tables (partially stainless steel)
          The Spring Scissor Tables are ideal for distributing and shipping facilities. These units allow the user   model
          to transfer products from work space to work space, while holding an ergonomically friendly position.   SST-45-PSS-ST
          The frame is designed of steel construction, which allows for strength and durability.  The scissor
          mechanism raises the unit to the desired height, while the internal spring provides support when
          unit is being loaded and unloaded. The round top can be manually rotated 360 degrees for improved
          packaging and handling capabilities. Fork pockets measure 6¾"W x 1½"H. Constructed of partially
          stainless steel base, frame, springs, and legs.
          Model SST-45-PSS-ST has a solid top.
               MODEL      PLATFORM     UNIFORM       SERVICE     BASE SIZE  WEIGHT  SST-45-PSS
               NUMBER     DIAMETER     CAPACITY       RANGE       (W x L)   (POUND)
           SST-45-PSS       43 /8"   400 to 4,500 lb.  9" to 27¾"  36" x 36¾"  432
           SST-45-PSS-ST    43 /8"   400 to 4,500 lb.  9" to 27¾"  36" x 36¾"  452
          Air Corner Tilter    FACTORY AIR POWERED
          The Stainless Steel Air Corner Tilter provides ergonomic loading and unloading of bulk
          containers, gaylords, or crates. Pallet truck and fork truck accessible. Tilts up to 45°. Activated
          by a hand operated control lever or foot pedal. By adjusting the air regulator to a predetermined
          pressure, the air bag inflates tilting the container automatically as it is unloaded. As the container
          becomes lighter, it automatically tilts and the material shifts to the corner of the container where
          it can be easily removed by manual or mechanical means. The adjustable regulator is factory preset
          to begin rotating the container when the weight reaches approximately 900 pounds. Pressure is
          easily adjustable for the weight of your application.
              MODEL                                PLATFORM     UNIFORM    WEIGHT   model AIR-THL-SS
              NUMBER            DESCRIPTION        SIZE (W x L)  CAPACITY  (POUND)
           AIR-THL-SS     HAND LEVER OPERATION     44" x 44"   1,500 lb.    550
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