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406                         Hydraulic Foot Pump Roll Handler
       STAINLESS STEEL & BRONZE         including the food handling service industries.  The design is sleek, smooth, and easily washable

                                        A 304L Stainless Steel Hydraulic Foot Pump Roll Handler is great for an assortment of areas

                                        for before and after use in hygienic areas.  The raising and lowering of the platform to the precise
                                        position is made easy by the hydraulic foot pump design, which diminishes needless bending when
                                        loading/unloading material. The 304L stainless steel construction, including hydraulic cylinders
                                        as well as the piston, provides a strong structure for transferring heavy loads between work areas.
                                        A rounded handle style allows for a proper two handed grip when maneuvering around work
                                        areas.  The open cradle platform lets the user load material from three sides. Cradle adjusts in 1"
                                        increments up to 16" wide.  The handler rolls smoothly on four (4) swivel casters with two (2)
                                        attached rear brakes for safe functionality when in a resting position.
              model ULM-HRH-850
                                                             (W x L)
                                         ULM-HRH-850       CRADLE SIZE  ROLL DIAMETER  5 /8" to 23"  CAPACITY  (POUND)
                                                            16" x 16"
                                                                                                 850 lb.
                                        Pallet Trucks
                                        The 304L Stainless Steel Hydraulic Hand Pump Pallet Trucks are a superb addition to the food
                                        handling and other hygienic environments.  The 304L stainless steel construction, including
                                        hydraulic cylinders as well as the piston, is not only strong, but also simple to clean with its open
                  ULM-PM-2745-30        fork design for thoroughly detailing the unit before/after transferring products.  The height of the
                                        ergonomically friendly handle diminishes slouching and can be rotated for simple maneuvering of
                                        products down narrow corridors and pathways.  All bearings are sealed for waterproof protection
                                        during both use and cleaning.
                                               MODEL          UNIFORM      OVERALL FORK     SERVICE      WEIGHT
                                              NUMBER          CAPACITY      SIZE (W  x L)    RANGE       (POUND)
                                         ULM-PM-2745-30       3,300 lb.    26¾" x 45¼"     3 /8" to 8"    170
                                         ULM-PM-2745-40       4,500 lb.    26¾" x 45¼"     3 /8" to 8"    170
                                        Specialized Pallet Trucks (with nylon wheels)  Ships with the Handle Detached Standard
                                        Stainless Steel and Stainless Steel Frame & Forks:  Ideal for sanitary, pharmaceutical, medical, food,
                                        corrosive, and wet environments. Choose type 304 stainless steel frame and forks only or 100% type
                                        304 stainless steel pallet truck for long life in the most harsh environments. 5,500 lbs. uniform capacity.
                                        Galvanized and Zinc Coated:  Ideal for corrosive environments.  Full-featured pallet trucks were
                          model         designed for chemical, pharmaceutical, and wash-down applications.  5,500 pounds uniform capacity.
                                              MODEL                            OVERALL FORK    FORK       WEIGHT
                                             NUMBER           DESCRIPTION      DIMENSIONS   SERVICE RANGE  (POUND)
                                         PM5-2048-SS      STAINLESS STEEL    21½"W x 45"L   2 /8" to 7¾"  232
                                         PM5-2748-SS      STAINLESS STEEL     27"W x 48"L   2 /8" to 7¾"  225
                                         PM5-2748-SFF    SS FRAME & FORKS     27"W x 48"L   2 /8" to 7¾"  194
                                         PM5-2048-S-G        GALVANIZED         20" x 48"    2 /8" to 7¾"  182
                                         PM5-2748-S-G        GALVANIZED         27" x 48"    2 /8" to 7¾"  197
                                         PM5-2748-S-Z        ZINC COATED        27" x 48"    2 /8" to 7¾"  211
                                        Pallet Trucks with Digital Scale
                                        The 304 Stainless Steel Pallet Trucks with Digital Scale allows you to weigh your load on the spot
                                        for maximum efficiency.  This model is very user friendly and is suitable for low height lifting.
                                        The built-in scale allows you to weigh your load as you are handling it. The scale is selectable in a
                                        variety of increments to adjust to the size of your load. It has keyboard calibration and functional
                                        setup with automatic zero capabilities. Digital filtering is used to help compensate for vibration
                          PM-2045-SCL-LP-SS  and motion to make the Stainless Steel Pallet Truck with Digital Scales smooth and accurate. Forks
                                        are 7" wide each. Factory calibrated for shipping destination. Scale is powered with 4 C batteries.
                                        AC adaptor included. NTEP approval  also available. Units may not be suitable for wash down
                                        applications. Please contact factory.

                                                MODEL            UNIFORM     OVERALL FORK      FORK       WEIGHT
                                                NUMBER           CAPACITY     DIMENSIONS    SERVICE RANGE  (POUND)
                                         PM-2045-SCL-LP-SS     5,000 lb.  21 /8"W x 45 /16"L  3 /8" to 8"  335
                                         PM-2745-SCL-LP-SS     5,000 lb.   27½"W x 45¼"L     3" to 7½"    375
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