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422                       Brass Drum Vent Adaptor
       STAINLESS STEEL & BRONZE  model DVA-B  Top features 2" female threads.  Bottom features ¾" male threads.  Solid brass construction is non- WEIGHT

                                      Allows for use of 2" drum vents in ¾" drum plugs.  No need to remove drum faucets to use drum vents.
                                      sparking.  Drum Vents are sold separately.

                                                                   BRASS DRUM VENT ADAPTOR
                                      Drum Vents
                                      Two styles available for use with drums in horizontal or vertical positions.  Use with standard 2" drum plug
                                      openings.  Each vent includes a flash arrestor for safety.  FM approved.

                                           MODEL                                                          WEIGHT
                                           NUMBER               DESCRIPTION              DISPLACEMENT     (POUND)
                                       VENT-V          VERTICAL DRUM VENT (BRASS)     FITS 2" OPENINGS     2
               model VENT-V  model VENT-H  VENT-H     HORIZONTAL DRUM VENT (BRASS)    FITS 2" OPENINGS     2

                                      Drum Lock
                                      Prevent unauthorized access to drum contents.  Simply screw drum lock into place, insert zinc plated steel
                                      rod, and secure with padlock (padlock not included).  Steel rod is pre-drilled with a  /16" diameter padlock
                                      hole.  Works with both ¾" and 2" bungs.

                                           MODEL                                          THREAD          WEIGHT
                                           NUMBER              DESCRIPTION               DIAMETER         (POUND)
                             model BLD-80
                                       BLD-80             BRASS DRUM LOCK                2" & ¾"           4

                                      Manual Drum Faucets
                                      Quickly and easily dispense drum contents with our Brass Drum Faucets.

             model DFT-AL  model DFT-AS-SC  MODEL                                         ACCOMMODATES    WEIGHT
                                           NUMBER    DESCRIPTION                            BUNG SIZE     (POUND)
                                       DFT-AL       BRASS-PLATED ALUMINUM (LOCKABLE HANDLE)  ¾"            1
                                       DFT-AS-SC    BRASS-PLATED ZINC (LOCKABLE HANDLE)      ¾"            1
                                       DFT-RIGID    BRASS (LOCKABLE HANDLE)                  ¾"            1
                                       DFT-ADJ*     BRASS (SPRING-LOADED HANDLE)             ¾"            2
                                       JDFT-B       BRASS (MANUAL HANDLE)                    2"            7
             model DFT-RIGID  model DFT-ADJ  *ADJUSTABLE NOZZLE

                                      Non-Sparking Chain Hoists

                                      Non-sparking brass construction.  Brake engages automatically as soon as the hand chain stops
                                      moving.  Forged load hooks.  Low gear ration reduces effort required for lifting.  Satisfies relevant
                                      ANSI B30.16-2003 requirements.

                                           MODEL             UNIFORM           LIFT          HEAD         WEIGHT
                                           NUMBER           CAPACITY          (FEET)         ROOM         (POUND)
                           model        HCH-NS-1-10         1,000 lb.          10             14"          35
                         HCH-NS-1-10    HCH-NS-2-10         2,000 lb.          10             14"          47
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