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          Semi-Permanent Barriers

          This attractive, durable barrier has a powder coat finish over a galvanized finish which provides long
          life without fading or cracking. Each rail section includes brackets and hardware for connecting to
          post. Each post can be used to install two straight rails or a 90 degree configuration. Posts are held
          in place by pre-drilled heavy-duty black molded rubber base. Overall size of post base is 11¾"W
          x 15¾"D. Concrete mounting hardware is included with each post base. Railing height when                 PROTECTIVE BARRIERS
          mounted is 36". Railing and posts sold separately.

               MODEL                                                    WEIGHT
               NUMBER         DESCRIPTION     DIMENSIONS     COLOR      (POUND)
           SPR-120-W�          RAILING         120"L        WHITE         93
           SPR-120-Y�          RAILING         120"L        YELLOW        93
           SPR-POST-W�     POST WITH BASE       39"H        WHITE         39
           SPR-POST-Y�     POST WITH BASE       39"H        YELLOW        39
                                                                                                      model WEB-P
          Indoor Personnel Guidance Barriers         series WEB are NOT interchangeable with series TSB

          Keep lines flowing smoothly with economical personnel guidance barriers.  Perfect for
          restaurants, offices, hospitals, schools, and banks.  Ideal for indoor applications.
          Wall Mounted Barrier, model WEB-W includes yellow fabric web.  The self-retracting web
          extends up to 72".  Web end will attach to wall-mounted receiver or another floor-mounted
          barrier. Available in 15' length, model WEB-W-15.
          Classic Tensabarrier® Web Barrier is seen around the world in various businesses and airports.   model WEB-W
          Standard is a black belt but many belt colors and designs available, contact factory for pricing.
               MODEL                                                    WEIGHT
              NUMBER                       DESCRIPTION                  (POUND)
           WEB-P�        40"H POST W/WEB & SELF-REELING TOP, 6' LONG      18
           WEB-W�        WALL MOUNT UNIT WITH RECEPTACLE, 6' LONG         3
           WEB-W-15�     WALL MOUNT UNIT WITH RECEPTACLE, 15' LONG        3     WALL MOUNTED
           TSB-7M        13½"D METAL BASE - 7'6"L x 40"H                  30    BARRIER      BLACK BASE  METAL BASE
           TSB-13M       13½"D METAL BASE - 13'L x 40"H                   30    model WEB-W-15  series TSB-7B  series TSB-7M
           TSB-NBM       13½"D METAL BASE - NO BELT/ 40" POST ONLY        30
           TSB-7B        13½"D BLACK BASE - 7'6"L x 40"H                  30
           TSB-13B       13½"D BLACK BASE - 13'L x 40"H                   30           Shown:
           TSB-NBB       13½"D BLACK BASE - NO BELT/ 40" POST ONLY        30           (2) WBS-42
                                                                                       (2) WBS-14-BASE
          Web Barrier Stakes                                                           (1) WBS-4RH
                                                                                       (1) WBS-CAUTION
          The unique barrier head design with spring loaded retractable tape allows for quick set up and
          easy storage.  These stakes are very versatile, leaving you the option of direct ground insertion   New
          with the spiked end or using the weighted base for use on hard surfaces.  The stake has a
          telescoping function that extended to 42".  Bases can be filled with 18 lbs. of water or 30 lbs.
          of sand in order to weigh them down.  Wall Mount Kit, model WBS-WALL, includes head
          wall mount, wall receiver, six (6) wood screws, six (6) wall anchors, and four (4) zip ties.  Cart
          Package, model WBS-CART-Y, includes five (5) stakes, five (5) bases, and five (5) "CAUTION"
          reels.  Different colors and verbiage options available, contact factory.  Parts sold individually.

               MODEL                                                    WEIGHT     WBS-42 &   WBS-42 &
               NUMBER           DESCRIPTION            DIMENSIONS       (POUND)  WBS-14-BASE  WBS-4RH
           WBS-42�           STAKE (Telescopic)   2-3/8" DIA. x 22" to 42"H  4                         WBS-CART-Y
           WBS-14-BASE�           BASE               15" DIA. x 4¾"H      4
           WBS-CAUTION�       REEL, CAUTION            15' LONG           2
           WBS-4RH�                   (4) SLOT HEAD RECEIVER              1
           WBS-WALL                      WALL MOUNT KIT                   1      WBS-CAUTION  WBS-42    WBS-WALL
           WBS-CART-Y                    CART PACKAGE                     71
          Plastic Chain Barricades
          Portable and lightweight units are easy to position where needed most. Chain simply snaps onto
          post hooks (two (2) hooks per post). Three standard colors to choose from. Units are easy to
          assemble with snap-together parts. Posts are sold four (4) to a box. Chains sold in rolls (each).
             MODEL                                                      WEIGHT
           PCB-W-F�    FLOOR MOUNTED POST    WHITE     2½"      38½"      12
           PCB-Y-F�    FLOOR MOUNTED POST   YELLOW     2½"      38½"      12
           PCB-B-F�    FLOOR MOUNTED POST    BLACK     2½"      38½"      12         FLOOR MOUNTED POSTS
           PCB-W-G�    GROUND STAKE POST     WHITE     2½"      35"       10
           PCB-Y-G�    GROUND STAKE POST    YELLOW     2½"      35"       10
           PCB-B-G�    GROUND STAKE POST     BLACK     2½"       35"      10
           PCB-W-CN�      PLASTIC CHAIN      WHITE   2" x 1 /16"  590"    8
           PCB-Y-CN�      PLASTIC CHAIN     YELLOW   2" x 1 /16"  590"    8
           PCB-B-CN�      PLASTIC CHAIN      BLACK   2" x 1 /16"  590"    8         PLASTIC CHAIN    GROUND STAKE
                                                                                                     model PCB-B-G
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